TRIA: How Should Costs Be Shared?

Terrorism Insurance is provided through a public/private partnership to share costs and risks. We suggest a frame for decisions on how to redesign the split. Download PDF version

Terrorism Risk Insurance Forum

A summary of the May 2, 2005 policy forum. Download PDF Version, Download Full Transcript

TRIA Renewal: Key Questions

This paper lists six key questions that we believe should be addressed as part of the renewal process for the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program. Download PDF version

Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002: A Primer

The federal government provides a backstop to the insurance industry for terrorist attacks up to $100 billion a year. The Act expires next year unless reauthorized. This primer explains TRIA in non-technical language. Download PDF version

Terrorism Risk Insurance: Conceptual Issues

This paper addresses basic conceptual issues related to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, or any other means of providing federal terrorism insurance. Download PDF version

TRIA: Where Do We Go From Here?

This third paper on TRIA addresses questions directly relevant to potential reauthorization. Download PDF version